Website Development

Virtual Creations can develop a website to meet any needs you might have, from a simple "brochure" site ("this is who we are and this is what we do") to a powerful, dynamic web application, storing your organisation's key data in an online database, and serving as a communications hub for your employees and members.

Website development is what we do best, and the reason we're in business.  We have developed hundreds of websites for a variety of organisations.  Many of our clients rave about how their website has revolutionised their organisation's information-flow and workload.  Contact us and we can put you in touch with several companies that will attest to the excellent service that Virtual Creations offers.

Websites, websites, websites

Simple and Cost-Effective...

Simple sites can be extremely cost effective.  A simple but attractive "brochure" site, with a handful of pages, can go live for less than $1000!  It will even have a built-in Content-Management System CMS) - usually "WordPress". We also handle the hosting, and can even register a domain name for you.

...or Advanced and Powerful:  Set Your Website Free!

Most organisations' needs are more sophisticated than a simple "brochure" website.  Many of our clients elect for a website that is capable of managing their information in a useful way.  This is the realm of database management and website content management - our specialty!

  • If you want to maintain your own website content yourself without having to learn a programming language or complex software program, then we can help.
  • If you like the idea of storing key information in an online database, this is what we're best at.
  • If you want to turn your website into a communications hub, this is possible using our unique technology.

Virtual Creations has designed and developed a unique and powerful Content-Management System (CMS), which can facilitate all these needs.  Contact us to find out how we can make your life easier.

Freedom Fish

Ready-Made Solutions

A virtualCMS website can, of course, be customised to your particular needs, however unusual or complex they may be.  However, Virtual Creations has already developed a versions of our Content-Management System that incorporate the unique requirements of:

  • Choirs, clubs and other groups.  If you've got members and events, we've got the ideal solution for you. Our flagship product is called HarmonySite - A gorgeous website, incorporating a powerful "Members Area", with a fully functional member- and group-management package. You also get a full communications suite - email addresses, mailing lists and SMSs. Visit for more information.
  • Real Estate Agents.  Virtual Creations has developed highly functional websites for Australian independent real estate agents. If you are a real estate agent, Virtual Creations understands your website needs and can offer you a turn-key solution.  If you would like information about the features we offer, please visit our Real Estate Websites page