Portfolio - Our Clients' Websites

Independent Real Estate Agency

Gorgeous and highly functional website application
Croll Real Estate
HarmonySite is our flagship product - a website that contains a full management system for choirs and other groups

www.HarmonySite.com is not actually an example of a HarmonySite - it's simply a website that describes what HarmonySite is
Men's champion a cappella chorus based in Queensland

A perfect example of a HarmonySite - our flagship product
Sound Connection
Travel agency specialising in day-trips

Powerful booking engine designed by Virtual Creations
Colourful Trips
French furniture polishers and finishers extraordinaire

Website built using WordPress
Learn how to surf in a fun two-day weekend camp

We built two sites for these guys - their public-facing website and their back-end booking-management system
Surf Camp Australia
Gorgeous and stylish furniture and accessories

Website built using WordPress
Verandah Living
Symphony and choir in New York

Another example of our wonderful HarmonySite system
Cappella Festiva

The list below contains a further sample of websites developed by Virtual Creations.

Websites in bold were developed using HarmonySite - Virtual Creations' powerful management system for choirs, clubs and other types of groups.

All sites managed by Virtual Creations