Unblock IP Address for Access to HarmonySite

This page is used to unblock access to your HarmonySite from your own device/computer/network.

Note that this page is only for HarmonySite clients.  If you are a MAKING MUSIC client, please use this page:  www.virtualcreations.com.au/unblockmmp

Sometimes your own device/computer/network (your "IP address") can get blocked in the HarmonySite server's firewall.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as entering an incorrect password too many times.

If you attempt to visit your HarmonySite, and it sits there for about 20 seconds doing nothing, and then gives an error message saying that the site can't be reached, then your IP address is likely blocked in the HarmonySite server's firewall, and this page can help with that.  If you are seeing some OTHER behaviour, then your IP address is likely NOT blocked, so this page won't be able to help.

If you want to determine the public IP address for any device, then ON THAT DEVICE do a Google search for What is my IP?

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if you have tried this, and you still can't access your HarmonySite, please contact support@harmonysite.com.