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20 Dec 2016 · Christmas operating hours
The Virtual Creations and HarmonySite office will be closed for two weeks, starting on Saturday December 24th, 2016. We will still be providing full email support. more...

6 Nov 2016 · New invoicing system
Virtual Creations has developed a new, online invoicing system, with which we will invoice our clients for our services from now on. more...

26 Jul 2016 · Virtual Creations office reopens after holidays
Virtual Creations holidays are now over, and the office has reopened. more...

2 Jun 2016 · Virtual Creations office now closed for holidays
The Virtual Creations offices is now closed for holidays until Tuesday July 26th more...

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We know that websites and email can be critical to your business's continued smooth operation,
so we provide 24-hour support, 7 days a week.

Contact Support

If you have a technical issue with your website, domain name or hosting account, please feel free to contact us anytime, day or night:

Hosting Account Information

For technical details and help about setting up and maintaining your self-managed hosting account, please visit our Hosting Account Information page.

Server Status

The current status (updated every hour) of all our servers can be found on our Server Status page.
For the current status of your website, please enter your domain name:  www.

Invite our support technicians onto your computer

Occasionally it is necessary to get an expert to log onto your computer and diagnose whatever problem you're experiencing.  Virtual Creations uses a small program that you can download to your (Windows) computer that when you run it (no installation required) will allow one of our technicians to log into your computer across the Internet.
  1. Click the button to the right
  2. This will automatically start a download of our support module (a version of TeamViewer). The system will automatically detect whether your system is Windows or Mac and download the appropriate version
  3. Select the "Save" option to save the program to your computer's desktop
  4. Locate the program on your desktop (it's called TeamViewerQS_en-....) and run it (double-click on it).  Accept any security warnings and run the program anyway.
  5. If we're not already on the phone with you, telephone us and read out to our support technician the ID displayed in the program
  6. Sit back and watch us as we solve your problem for you!

If you ever need us to help you again in the future, simply repeat steps 3 to 5.

Email Configuration

For the information you need to set up your email program to collect and send emails with your Virtual Creations email account, please visit our Email Configuration page.