New invoicing system

Sun, 6 Nov 2016

Up until now, all Virtual Creations (and HarmonySite) clients have been invoiced manually for the website services we have provided them (you).   This means that we have been creating invoices manually in our antique accounting software (MYOB), generating PDF versions of these invoices, and manually emailing them to clients.  This has been a time-consuming process.  It also has other drawbacks, such as the fact that the version of MYOB we use does not support multiple currencies (just Australian Dollars), so our non-Australian clients were never sure what currency they were being invoiced in.

We have just completed the development of a brand new "online" invoicing system, residing within the Virtual Creations website.  In fact, we wrote this new system ourselves, to our specific needs, integrating it with our existing client database (which we also wrote ourselves).  We will be migrating clients over to this new invoicing system over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow (Monday November 7th).

When you are migrated to this new system, and your next invoice is raised, you will be sent an invoice notification email automatically.  The email will not have been written personally to you by Mark Virtue, and will be sent from "Virtual Creations Accounts" using our new Accounts email address.  The email will not contain a PDF copy of the invoice.  Rather, it will contain a link for you to view the invoice on our website.  When viewing the invoice, you will see a button that you can use to print the invoice.  Our bank details will be shown on that page (for Australian clients), and there will also be buttons you can use to pay the invoice with one click via credit card or PayPal.

When payment is received by our system, you will automatically be sent another email confirming payment, containing a list of what items were renewed (hosting, domain names, HarmonySite package, etc), and the same link back to view the (now "PAID") invoice on our website, which can serve as a receipt (and can also be printed).

There will be further improvements to this new system in the coming months.  You are encouraged to give us any and all feedback about this new system - especially anything that would make your life easier (other than reducing the amount payable to $0.00!!!).  If you spot anything that doesn't look right, please let us know ASAP.

Thanks for your patience during this transition period.