Server upgrade: PHP 5.6

Mon, 2 Nov 2015

Dear Virtual Creations customer,

The version of the PHP programming language on all our servers will be upgraded on December 10th 2015.  It will be upgraded from version 5.4 to 5.6.  This information will likey mean nothing to you, but we're letting you know becasue there is a small chance that this will cause some compatibility issues with your website.

You can ignore this mesage if....
  • You do not have a website hosted on the Virtual Creations (or HarmonySite) servers
  • You know for a fact that your website does not use the PHP programming language (for example, it is a static HTML website)
  • Your website was developed by Virtual Creations (or HarmonySite).  We have already ensured that all websites we have developed are compatibe with PHP version 5.6
  • Your website is powered by WordPress.  WordPress has been compatible with PHP 5.6 for some time now.  However, there's a small chance that one or more of your plug-ins or themes will not be compatible, especially if they have not been updated for a while
If none of the above applies to you, then you will need to check with your website developer to determine whether your website is ready for this upgrade.  If it's not, it will likely be a very small set of changes that need to be made to make it compatible - the upgrade is a very minor one.

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us.  But remember:  If your website was developed by Virtual Creations or HarmonySite, then you have nothing to worry about.