Domain price rise: .com, .net, .org

Sat, 12 Sep 2015

Dear Virtual Creations customer,

Unfortunately, do to the exchange rate with the US Dollar, we have had to raise our base prices (for non-US clients) for .com, .org and .net domain names.  Our wholesale domain name provider has raised their prices for such domain names quite significantly.  MOST Virtual Creations customers will not be affected, as we have decided to absorb these increases and not pass them on to our customers.  However, SOME customers have been enjoying special discounts on their domain name.  We can no longer afford to offer such discounts, or we'll be losing money on domain names.  (We will make an exception to a handful of non-profit organisations and individuals).

Our standard price of $30 per year (plus GST for Australian customers) for a .com, .net or .org domain name is UNCHANGED.  The cheapest we can now offer domain names, without losing money is $25 (plus GST).  Only the aforementioned non-profits will receive this pricing.

This does not affect you if you:
  • Do not have any .com, .net or .org domain names registered with us.  For example, if you only have domain names registered with us, then you are not affected
  • Have all your domain names registered through some other domain name provider
  • Were already paying us $30 per year for your domain names
  • Pay us for your domain names in US Dollars
I totally understand if you are unfortable with these price increases.  Naturally you are welcome at any time to transfer your domain name(s) to a different provider.