Hosting Price Increases

Mon, 7 Jul 2014

Dear Virtual Creations hosting client,

The time has come to increase the prices for our website hosting products.  This is the first time we have ever done this since we launched these products back in 2004.  During those ten years...
  • We have steadily upgraded our servers, improving their speed, capacity and security
  • We have become more adept, experienced and professional in providing the highest quality support
  • Our own costs have increased, via inflation and expansion
We put it off as long as we could, but ultimately these costs had to be passed on to our customers.  We believe our new prices are still very competitive, especially given our superb level of customer service.

Each of our hosting products is different, and some had no increase at all.  Further, some of you are on individual pricing tiers, so it's not possible to provide an exact dollar value of the price increase of every client in one email.  But indicative price changes are...
  • Virtual Gold (our most popular hosting product):  increase from $102 to $140 per year (plus GST for Australian customers)
  • Virtual Gold for non-profit organisations:  increase from $83.40 to $110 per year (plus GST for Australian customers)
  • Virtual Starter:  increase from $71.40 to $100 per year (plus GST for Australian customers)
Please feel free to contact us to determine the exact amount of your hosting price increase.

If you have recently joined Virtual Creations...

If you have only just become a Virtual Creations hosting customer in the past 12 months, its probably a little unfair to impose a price rise on you so quickly.  If you would prefer to keep your current price level for a while longer, then please contact us and we will keep you on your existing price structure for the next two years.

If anyone else finds these price increases onerous, please contact us and we can work something out.