New Server Online

Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Virtual Creations has commissioned a new web-hosting server, located in Sydney, Australia.

This new server is for any Australian clients that want maximum performance from their website.  We have run some tests, and websites on this server load and run five times faster (for Australian residents) than websites on our other servers.

We are offering a newly revised "Virtual Platinum" hosting package for anyone looking to take advantage of this higher performance.  Details and pricing are on our Hosting page.  This package comes with 5,000 Meg of storage, five times more than our bestselling "Virtual Gold" package.

If you're an existing Virtual Creations Australian customer and would like to make the switch to this new package, or if you do not yet have a website and are interested in a high-performance hosting account, please contact us today.

Special offer for existing Virtual Creations Australian clients
If you choose to upgrade to this new hosting package before the end of this financial year (June 30 2011), we will transfer your website across to the new server for free, and we won't charge you the new, higher hosting fee until your next regular annual billing cycle.