Virtual Creations holiday availability

Thu, 5 Nov 2009

Virtual Creations will be taking a break from all development work during the month of December 2009.  This includes the development of new websites and the development or modification of features on existing websites.  Such development work will recommence in mid-January 2010.

Support for websites, domain names and emails will continue uninterrupted.  Virtual Creations customers will still have access to 24/7 email and telephone support.  All support issues will be handled in the regular way - by submitting an email to  A telephone number for urgent issues will be provided at the end of November.  There will be a delay in responding to emails sent to or, so if the issue is urgent, please use the support email address or telephone number.

If you have any development work that you would like completed before mid-January, please notify us of this work as soon as possible so that we can insert this work into our development schedule.

Another notice about this will be sent out at the end of November.