Virtual Creations is relocating

Sat, 28 Mar 2009

Virtual Creations is relocating to the Byron Bay area, 800km north of Sydney.  There are no plans to return.

There will be no interruption to the operation of any customer's website (our datacentre is not moving).  While the move is taking place - from Tuesday March 31st to Thursday April 2nd - there will be no programming development work done on any site, and our development server (where a few websites that have not yet gone live are housed) will be offline.  All support will continue.  Once the move has completed, it's "business as usual".

All our telephone and email contact details will stay the same.  This includes our Sydney landline (02 8005 4277) - any call to this number will still be a local call in Sydney (this is made possible via the miracle of the VoIP).  Our new postal address and office address will be published on our website as soon as the move is completed.

If any Sydney-based client was wishing to have a face-to-face meeting in the near future, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for this.