Mark Virtue away in London next week

Fri, 8 Mar 2019

Mark Virtue will be away in London on business from this evening (Friday March 8th), back in the office on the morning of Monday March 18th.

Mark is contactable in the following ways:
  • Email, via  Emails will be checked every day, several times per day.
  • Call the office number (02 8005 4277) and leave a voicemail message.  Mark will receive the message in London.
  • Send a text message (0411 170517).  Mark will recieve the text, but will not be able to reply by text.  He will reply via email, or perhaps via telephone if it's urgent.
Mark will NOT be able to receive calls on his mobile phone while away.

For any non-urgent issues, if possible, please hold them until after Mark returns.
If the issue is urgent, you can text or email Mark (as above), or call the office during business hours to talk with one of the other Virtual Creations staff, who may be able to assist you with your issue.

Please let everyone in your organisation know!