WordPress version 5.0 being released soon

Wed, 28 Nov 2018

If you do not have a WordPress website, you can ignore this message.

A new version of WordPress, version 5.0 (called "Gutenberg"), is coming out soon - in a few weeks.  It's a major release, including many useful improvements.  But you need to be aware of one thing...

This new version currently has several incompatibles with any WordPress theme that uses a "page builder" - themes such as Avada and Divi (the two biggest-selling themes in the marketplace).  Both Avada and Divi have recommended that websites that include their theme should NOT be updated to the new version - either until these issues are fixed, or unless a plugin called “Disable Gutenberg” is installed and activated.

There are various ways that your WordPress website may get updated to the new version...
  1. It may happen automatically, because your site is set to always update to new versions
  2. We (Virtual Creations) may do it, as part of our "WordPress Security Monitoring" service that we provide to some clients
  3. You may manually update WordPress yourself
Once the new version is installed, if you are running the Divi or Avada themes, or have some other sort of "page builder" plugin, then you may find yourself unable to add/edit pages or posts.  If that's the case, then please install and acivate the plugin called "Disable Gutenberg".  You can find this plugin with your WordPress admin area, or here:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-gutenberg