The website you have been viewing was designed and developed by Virtual Creations  - Based in Sydney, Australia and specialising in creating custom web sites, databases, software and training courses.

Virtual Creations websites offer:

  • Dynamic, database-driven functionality, tailored to your specific needs
  • Fully secure "Members-Only" area (if required), with either member-specific passwords, or a universal members-only password
  • Online databases that can be contributed to or updated by:
  • The general public
  • Your members
  • Designated administrators
  • New databases can be configured and online in minutes
  • Examples of databases include
  • Product Catalogue
  • Members/Subscribers/Employees
  • Event Calendar
  • Bulletin Board
  • Photo Album
  • Guestbook

This website, and all Virtual Creations websites, is powered by the following technologies:

PHP is a programming language that allows web pages to contain dynamic content (for example, content coming from a database).  So sites built using PHP are not restricted to static pages that hardly ever change.
mySQL is the premiere open-source SQL-based database in the world.  All the data stored by this database is stored in mySQL tables.
Apache is the most popular web server (HTTP server) on the internet.  More sites are served by Apache than all other servers combined.