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We have now developed hundreds of websites, many of them complex online applications. We have developed our own interactive platform for self-managed websites, called virtualCMS.

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19 Dec 2015 · Christmas office hours
The Virtual Creations office will be closed over the Christmas break. more...

2 Nov 2015 · Server upgrade: PHP 5.6
The version of PHP on all our servers will be upgraded on December 10th 2015. PHP will be upgraded from version 5.4 to 5.6. If you have developed your own website, and it uses PHP, please check that it is compatible. more...

12 Sep 2015 · Domain price rise: .com, .net, .org
Unfortunately, do to the exchange rate with the US Dollar, we have had to raise our prices for .com, .org and .net domain names more...

3 Mar 2015 · Now accepting payments via credit card online
Virtual Creations customers can now pay invoices via credit card, securely, direct from the Virtual Creations website. more...

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virtualCMS Modules

A virtualCMS website can, of course, be customised to whatever your needs may be.  Here are a few modules that are already developed and deployed in our client's websites, which are ready to be inserted into your own website.

  • Shopping cart.  We offer a full eCommerce solution, with secure (SSL) payments direct into your bank account.  Features include product options and variations, voucher discounts, postage calculator, multiple payment methods, and the ability to remember customer details for future logins.  Read more
  • Event calendar.  Keep your visitors informed of the latest happenings in your organisation.  Events can be displayed in calendar format, list format, RSS, or in point form on your home page.  With each event, you can select who can see it - all site visitors, or only website members/subscribers/customers/etc.  As events are created, they can be automatically emailed to subscribers, members, customers, etc.  You can even track the attendance of your members, customers or employees at these events.
  • Products. Create a database of products online, with photos, categories, wholesale prices, discount prices, options - all tailored to the exact needs of your business. 
  • Google Maps.  Provide online (Google) maps of any aspect of your business:  Retail outlets, members, customers, etc.  Each map can contain one address (example is here) or several (example is here).  Map pinpoints can contains text, logos, photographs, etc.
  • Retail Outlets.  Maintain a searchable database of all your retail outlets, with maps.
  • Newsletters.  Most organisations these days like to offer an email newsletter to their customers, subscribers, suppliers, etc.  With a virtualCMS website, you can maintain several newsletters, all archived on your site, and send them to any combination of subscribers, customers, or individuals you choose.
  • Subscribers.  Allow people to subscribe to your newsletters from your home page.
  • Suppliers.  Keep a database of your suppliers.  Allow them to log into a private area of your website.
  • Courses and Dates.  Do you offer courses?  With a virtualCMS website, you can allow people to register for classes, download class details, and see which classes are already full.  You can allocate trainers, rooms and resources to your classes.
  • Contact Form or Request for information form.  Have interested visitors send you their details without ever revealing your email address.
  • Photo Gallery.  Store as many photos as you like on your own website, in custom galleries/albums that you create yourself, visible either to all site visitors or to the site members that you specify. A thumbnail version of each image is created automatically. Slideshows can be created automatically, and selected photos can be randomly shown on your home page.
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).  Save annoying phone calls - present your site visitor with a list of frequently asked questions.
  • News/Bulletin Board. A website that doesn't show regular news items on its home page is unlikely to attract return visitors.  Each news item can include attachments and links to other sites, and can be restricted to logged-in members if necessary.  As news items are created, they can be automatically emailed to subscribers, members, customers, etc. 
  • Classifieds.  Allow your members, or the general public, to buy and sell on your site.
  • Guestbook.
  • Member database or searchable Member directory, with photos, birthday reminders, automatic subscription to the mailing list, etc.
  • Downloads area.  Store files that you want to share with or sell to others.
  • Resources (recommended reading, etc).  Link to books, websites, movies etc.  Include your own reviews and photos. 
  • Random quotes/testimonials.  Show a randomly selected quote or testimonial on every page on your site.